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(April 3, 2022)

RED FALLS- James G. Carlson
When June and Ezra take a spontaneous road trip to rural Pennsylvania, they find themselves in the strange town of Red Falls. What transpires there leaves the couple questioning their overnight stay. But when they strike out with new friends for a hike the following morning, June and Ezra enter a world of blood and terror that changes their lives forever.


DEACON- Daemon Manx
Two worlds collide—a post-apocalyptic place of harsh survival and awful violence, and a tortured author whose reality is coming apart one line at a time. Does any story ever truly end? There is life in the words and in the spaces between them, somewhere in the invisible ink. Deacon is the fusion of at least two stories—one playing out in the barbaric ruins of a fallen world, and the other in the mind. This psychological twist of perception will leave you wondering where fiction ends and reality begins.

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"Piece by Piece"- This story is full of suspense and tension. It engages your mind, your emotions, and your senses. I found it wholly engrossing. I also found it moving. Manx’s characters and characterization draw you in, the storyline is clever and well-crafted, and the supernatural element grabs you and doesn’t let go. It’s a good story, a good read. I highly recommend it to any horror fan.

Lisa L.

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What happens if you mix Twilight Zone, a Quentin Tarantino flick, a gothic horror tale, with a shot of extreme horror? You get Drawn & Quartered by Daemon Manx and Diana Olney. This collection of four horror stories were well developed and full of twists. Manx and Olney combine creature feature, vampires, human monsters, and eco horror in their stories. These are two authors to watch. I would love to see another collaboration between these two talented authors. The last story, She Devil, was an erotic gothic vampire tale that ended with a boom. I am crossing my fingers for a continuation of this story. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 blood soaked stars.

Deb S.

 "Piece by Piece"- I was so looking forward to the second book by this author, and he did not disappoint. This book takes you on a lifelong journey that is not only a suspenseful mystery, but also such a sweet story about love and life. If you knew when you were going to die, would you live your life differently? I don't want to give any of this precious story away because I want to you read it and evaluate your own life. We will all die, but if you knew when...... and I loved the extra story at the end. Can't wait for more from Daemon Manx. Write more for me please...

Wendy N.

Coming Soon by Daemon Manx

This is carnage mixed with meta fiction, dark and unsettling and so well-written that I wanted to call up Daemon Manx (the actual, real-life one) when I was finished and ask him: Man, are you OK?

In other words, no matter what kind of horror you like, this book will scratch that itch. Red Falls will make you squirm and gag, Deacon will make you question your reality. So, basically: a win-win situation.

Coming April 3rd!

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About Daemon Manx

This past year has been an eventful one to say the least. So much has happened and I want to thank everyone for their support and for believing in me. As the main character in my next release states, “A man is only as good as the (women/men) that stand beside him.” I have come to believe that is true, and feel extremely blessed for my family, friends, and the horror community that has stood beside me on this journey. Thank you so much. The best is yet to come!