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Daemon Manx

Award Winning Author

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Daemon Manx and Mark Towse



Daemon Manx and Mark Towse

Four horror writers. Four vulnerable egos. When all art is subjective, how does the group decide who is the scariest? Welcome to Arcranium™, a powerful technology that fuses with the author's mind to stimulate their best possible creation, immersing other participants in the narrative. It's all to play for, with so much pride at stake. So, strap your headset on and come along for the ride; just be warned things might get a little bumpy once the gloves come off. The future of literature is about to get an upgrade. The future is … Arcranium™

Coming January 3rd 2023

These Lingering Shadows
An Anthology of Gothic and Haunting Tales
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An anthology of gothic tales and horrors for the season, filled with, tragedy, heartbreak, wonderment, and terror. Journey into these thought-provoking worlds and behold the majesty of traditional gothic elements delivered with a modern style. Inspired by a true love for the Macabre and the unnerving atmosphere of the Gothic genre, author Daemon Manx has gathered together some of the greatest literary voices of our time.


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These Lingering Shadows is the anthology to read this season. These dark tales range from haunting to horrifying, and the diversity of author voices make each one a unique trip into the shadows. It checks all the boxes for the perfect Halloween season read.

Lisa L.

Praise & Reviews

Halloween is upon us, Autumn is in the air, and it is spooky season. I just finished reading These Lingering Shadows: An Anthology of Gothic and Haunting Tales. This anthology captures spooky season, Halloween, and Autumn all rolled into one. 

This anthology consists of 15 creepy tales that literally will have you looking over your shoulder in fear. With each story I felt that creeping dread each time I turned the page. There are witches, vampires, ghosts, Gothic tales, Folk Horror, enough to appease all of your spooky season desires.

If you are looking for a quintessential Halloween, spooky season read, look no further. So, turn off the TV, light some candles, listen to the wind picking up as Autumn has arrived, and read this creepy goodness. I dare you. I have a new favorite for the Halloween season.

Deb S.

These Lingering Shadows is filled with fifteen amazingly creepy and haunting tales. I found the whole anthology very enjoyable, especially for this time of year. Jumping into this collection was such fun I couldn’t wait to see what the next story brought. Ghosts, haunted houses, vampire-witch hybrids, and more are all inside these pages. I recommend this to all horror readers and fans of the supernatural. Lots of talent in this book, so grab yourself a copy, top it off with a cozy blanket and your favorite drink, because once you start this one you won’t want to stop.

Diana R.


Coming Soon by Daemon Manx



A Collection of Disturbing Stories

The stories in this book were inspired by real-life events. Some are loose interpretations of my nightmares and experiences, and others are dark memoirs. All were designed to evoke emotion. Longing, fear, remorse, desperation, and of course, anxiety, are a few of the horrors we all face and the ones from which there is often no escape. These stories were written during the most difficult periods in my life. Addiction, incarceration, and depression are the demons of which I speak. Creating this compilation became the tool I used to overcome these demons. This is the product of that struggle. This is Manxiety.

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Visit Daemon's Publishing house, Last Waltz Publishing to purchase signed copies of his books as well as copies from all of the authors under Daemon's label. A new addition coming to our shop are the ebook versions of all of our published titles.

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About Daemon Manx

I write this on the cusp of Halloween '22 and it is a cause for reflection. The past year has been a whirlwind of events and celebrations.

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