Drawn & Quartered (2022)  

A Novella

Just in time for all you sadistic love birds.

Welcome to Drawn & Quartered ...  A waking nightmare where nothing is as it seems, and truth is devoured by the shadow of fiction. This accursed realm is ruled by fear, and home to infinite forms of terror. Behind its sinister gates dwell femme fatales, deadly bouquets, scorned lovers, and of course - monsters. Join them in the darkness, if you dare, but be warned, they may invite you to stay...forever.

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Piece by Piece (2022)  

A Novella

Piece by Piece follows the life of Bobby Canfield who is told that he must Save Them, after the year of his own death is revealed to him through a Ouija board. The mysterious and cryptic message is nearly impossible for Bobby to fathom at 11 years old, but as the years pass by, and the reality of that fateful night begins to make itself apparent, Bobby realizes that every thing the board foretold, will come true.

The story is a suspenseful supernatural race to figure out Bobby’s mystery. But time is running out, hour by hour, minute by minute…Piece by Piece.

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Abigail (2021)  

A Novelette

Strange things come in small packages.  Adrian Billard believes he knows what it's like to be different, and has nearly given up hope of ever finding happiness.  But, a strange package left on his doorstep is about to turn his entire world upside down.  Everything Adrian thinks he knows is about to change.  He is about to meet...  Abigail.

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Something in the Air: Part 1 (Published: 5-24-2021: The Green Shoe Sanctuary Magazine)

Short Story

Something in the Air follows two men who have recently transitioned to a halfway house from the prison system.  Idris and Ski have decided to attend college as a way of reentry but something is in the air, a pandemic of global proportions shuts down the city, and then the world.

Virus Spore.jpg

Something in the Air: Part 2 (Published: 5-31-2021: The Green Shoe Sanctuary Magazine)

Short Story

Idris and Ski must fight for their lives to escape the insanity of the house as everyone starts dying around them.  Although the world that they find is nothing at all like the one they left behind.

dystopian city.jpg

The Dead Girl: (Published: Summer of 2021: The Green Shoe Sanctuary Magazine)

Short Story

The Dead Girl took third place in the Green Shoe Sanctuary Summer Writing Prompt Contest of 2021.  The story has gone on to become a HAG finalist for best short story.

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