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The Ojanox I

Scream in the Dark

The year is 1979. A small New York town prepares to welcome the fall season in all the expected ways.

But something is happening to the children of Garrett Grove. A mysterious outbreak threatens the community, leaving a handful of doctors and the town’s sheriff desperate to find the source of the contagion before it is too late. All the while, hidden just out of view, patient and hungry… an ancient evil lurks.

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The stories in this book were inspired by real-life events. Some are loose interpretations of my nightmares and experiences, and others are dark memoirs. All were designed to evoke emotion. Longing, fear, remorse, desperation, and of course, anxiety, are a few of the horrors we all face and the ones from which there is often no escape. These stories were written during the most difficult periods in my life. Addiction, incarceration, and depression are the demons of which I speak. Creating this compilation became the tool I used to overcome these demons. This is the product of that struggle. This is Manx-iety.


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Mark Towse & Daemon Manx

Four horror authors with four vulnerable egos, square off against one another, in the virtual world, to find out who is the scariest. Welcome to Arcranium™, a powerful technology that fuses with the author's mind to stimulate their best possible creation, immersing other participants in the narrative. It's all in good fun, but with so much pride at stake, things are bound to get a little bumpy once the gloves come off. So, strap your headset on and don't forget the safe word. The future of literature is about to get an upgrade. The future is … Arcranium™


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Tales from the Monoverse: A Last Waltz Anthology

Last Waltz Publishing is proud to present Tales from the Monoverse, a monochromatic anthology featuring sixteen stories of grayscale worlds, where instances of color are exceedingly rare and beyond priceless. From men to monsters, and from decades long past to the distant future, some of the indie scene’s most imaginative writers examine the impact of color upon a colorless existence.

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These Lingering Shadows
An Anthology of Gothic and Haunting Tales

An anthology of gothic tales and horrors for the season, filled with, tragedy, heartbreak, wonderment, and terror. Journey into these thought-provoking worlds and behold the majesty of traditional gothic elements delivered with a modern style. Inspired by a true love for the Macabre and the unnerving atmosphere of the Gothic genre, author Daemon Manx has gathered together some of the greatest literary voices of our time.
With a foreword by Candace Nola this anthology of fifteen short stories from some of the most terrifying authors in today's horror world will transport you into the shadows. Light a candle and lock the doors because the hour of the witch is close at hand. The tales within this haunting collection are of dark places and shadows, catacombs and hidden passages, witches, vampires, secrets and curses. There are stories of deception, possession, despair and remorse, betrayal and of course ... death.

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Hacked in Two

RED FALLS- James G. Carlson
When June and Ezra take a spontaneous road trip to rural Pennsylvania, they find themselves in the strange town of Red Falls. What transpires there leaves the couple questioning their overnight stay. But when they strike out with new friends for a hike the following morning, June and Ezra enter a world of blood and terror that changes their lives forever.


DEACON- Daemon Manx
Two worlds collide—a post-apocalyptic place of harsh survival and awful violence, and a tortured author whose reality is coming apart one line at a time. Does any story ever truly end? There is life in the words and in the spaces between them, somewhere in the invisible ink. Deacon is the fusion of at least two stories—one playing out in the barbaric ruins of a fallen world, and the other in the mind. This psychological twist of perception will leave you wondering where fiction ends and reality begins.


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Piece by Piece (2022)  

A Novella

Piece by Piece follows the life of Bobby Canfield who is told that he must Save Them, after the year of his own death is revealed to him through a Ouija board. The mysterious and cryptic message is nearly impossible for Bobby to fathom at 11 years old, but as the years pass by, and the reality of that fateful night begins to make itself apparent, Bobby realizes that every thing the board foretold, will come true.

The story is a suspenseful supernatural race to figure out Bobby’s mystery. But time is running out, hour by hour, minute by minute…Piece by Piece.

Piece Cover.jpg

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The Devil's Well (ebook)

A Short Story

Gary Butler is about to become the first sixth grader in Fairmount to ever jump the Devil’s Well; a forty-foot cliff dive into the icy black water below. This Rite of Passage is not for the feint of heart, but if Gary pulls it off, he will no doubt become a living legend at his school and in the eyes of Sarah Meyers. Gary Butler isn’t the first boy to make a foolish decision to impress a girl. And although he won’t be the last, he just might end up a legend after all.


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Abigail (2021)  

A Novelette

Strange things come in small packages.  Adrian Billard believes he knows what it's like to be different, and has nearly given up hope of ever finding happiness.  But, a strange package left on his doorstep is about to turn his entire world upside down.  Everything Adrian thinks he knows is about to change.  He is about to meet...  Abigail.

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The Dead Girl (Available for free on Godless)

A Short Story

Mark and Lizzy are fighting a losing battle. They have struggled with addiction for years, but the beast has gotten stronger. Their love is but a band-air on a terminal wound that one day will surely kill.

After a forgotten Friday night of hitting the bag, Mark wakes to find Lizzy’s lifeless body in a tangle of bedsheets. Now, she continues to walk the floors of their apartment as if she has an urgent message to deliver. Mark struggles to interpret that message as he frantically tries to figure out what to do about her body before it is too late. Unfortunately for Mark…it already is.

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