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Nosophobia by Gerhard Jason Geick

We are what we eat! Click for my full review.

I had no idea where this story might take me, but I was sure glad when I got there.

Nosophobia by Gerhard Jason Geick can be found on the Godless platform and has continued to be one of the top moving books for a good reason. This story is fast paced with a Palahniuk feel and all the elements that make extreme horror so much damn fun. Geick uses humor, and gross out tactics, as well as a dip into the social aspect of a certain culture to propel this Splatterpunk story to a new level.

I read this some time ago and am just now reviewing; however, in that time, this story has stayed with me, and fermented, and lingered, and festered in a most wonderful way.

There are definitely elements of extreme horror involved in this story and it is not for the squeamish or feint of heart. There is drug use, and there is sex, and there is perversity, and there are some nasty cultural practices I had no idea existed ... that being said ... this story is a blast! I had no idea where this tale was taking me until I finally arrived at my destination, and man I was happy when I got there. Do yourself a favor and head over to Godless and grab a copy today.

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