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They're Coming to get you, Barbara by J.D. Allen

Where Night of the Living Dead ends, Johnny's story is just beginning. Click for my full review.

As a huge fan of the original zombie trail blazer, Night of the Living Dead, there was no way I could not read this book. Was I concerned that author J.D. Allen would do my favorite movie of all time justice? Perhaps, but after just a page or two I fell in love with this book and needed to know what happened next.

Overhead the sky held a grey hue, casting the world into a black & white aura of Deja Vu. I took a deep inhalation of the country air, to shake the feeling of disconcertion, but I did not breathe a sigh of relief. A disquieting feeling remained.

And the stage is set. J.D. Allen takes us back to the opening scene of Romero's classic where Johnny and Barbara are attacked by the roaming man in the graveyard. And we all know how that story ends ... or do we? We now see the narrative through Johnny's eyes, a perspective we missed out on in the original movie. And let me tell you, I had no idea where this story would take me, but I was thrilled when I got there. We skip in and out of familiar settings and then find ourselves in entirely new ones. The world is very much the same, but history has changed.

"They're coming to get you, Barbara."

I guarantee the reader will be just as surprised as I when they find out the real story of what happened that fateful night. J.D. Allen did such a great job revealing the story between the lines of the original, that I am now sure this is exactly what happened. To be honest, this is the book and the author that got me to come out of my shell and promote my own horror stories. Thank you, J.D. Allen. Do yourself a favore and pick up a copy of They're Coming to get you, Barbara today. While you're at it, click the link and buy everything else this author has available at Amazon.

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