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Dick Wiggler by Mick Collins

Don't take your eyes off the page, you don't want to miss a thing. Click for my full review.

Are you looking for something different? A book that steps outside the box and will leave you laughing you’re a** off? Dick Wiggler by Mick Collins is that book my friends.

I just finished reading this yarn and feel the need to go back and read it again. This story is a freaking riot. In steps Monty, an unassuming guy with a not so spectacular superpower. He can wiggle wieners … only a little … and not his own. Add a cast of characters, each more hilarious than the next, all with ridiculous powers of their own and you have a book that is a welcome break from all the serious, dark, stuff that floods the market.

I am reminded of a book called Girl Factory and some of the writings of Steve Martin, that’s how good Mick’s story is.

Don’t take your eyes off the page or you are sure to miss one of the countless one-lines that are rifled at you like pellets out of a pellet gun. Five out Five dick wiggling, robe wearing, reanimated corpsing, USB plug-ins on the first try!

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