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Plastic Monsters by Daniel J. Volpe

An unsettling tale of body dysmorphia and the line between inner and outer beauty. Click for full review.

Beauty is ... Pain.

Plastic Monsters by Daniel J. Volpe is a fast-paced story about the lengths that some people are willing to go to in order to attain physical beauty. We are introduced to Pam, who has suffered with a poor self-image her entire life and has always been antagonized by the perfect pretty girls. Add a few deep-seated psychological issues and an introduction to a disreputable plastic surgeon, and we have an appointment with disaster, in a story that unfolds quickly, and keeps you glued to the page.

"Ok, now for the fun part," he put the marker down and picked up the scalpel. His gloved fingers adjusted against the metal, ensuring he had the perfect grip.

Volpe's style is direct and flowing, and the story balances well between Splatterpunk, Extreme horror, and even traditional horror, as well. I am not one for spoilers, but I can say with confidence that you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend this book to not only fans of Extreme horror stories but to anyone looking for an entertaining book from a truly talented author. You can find all of Daniel J. Volpe's books at Amazon.

Click the image to visit Daniel J. Volpe on Amazon.

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